Cup Runs Over

“The Lord is my Shepherd [to feed, to guide and to shield me],I shall not want.He lets me lie down in green pastures;He leads me beside the still and quiet waters.He refreshes and restores my soul (life);” Psalm 23:1-2(AMP) I sat down with my Bible and coffee, feeling nice and sorry for myself; Ready to have my prayer time with God….

He’s Not Done

I don’t even know where to start. So I guess I’ll start there- just not knowing much of anything. Everything has felt jumbled up. I’ve been so overwhelmed with all the emotions and thoughts, that I don’t want to even start trying to detangle it all. Is it possible to procrastinate processing grief? Probably. I’ve…

Read the Bible

“My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge [of My law, where I reveal My will]…” Hosea 4:6(AMP) “What makes you think you can be a Christian and not read your Bible?” That’s the question I heard God ask me boldly and bluntly as a response to what I was praying. I was thinking about…

You Gotta Let That Go

When the word forgiveness comes across your path, who is the first person you think of? Is it someone you already forgave? Or is it someone you have no idea how to? Or most commonly, is it someone you have no plan on forgiving anytime soon? Forgiveness can be tricky, because often times it involves…

On Purpose

I want what You want. I think what You think. And I do what You tell me to do. What are you chasing today? That’s the question I’ve been asking myself daily. Because if my answer is anything but Jesus, my priorities are wrong. I know what you’re thinking, “You can’t only chase Jesus….