Guest Post by Author Tabitha Deller

Living Called: How it changes our perspective

“God doesn’t call us to be something or do something impossible. He calls us to be with Him, and He accomplishes His will through us. Our willingness to answer the call is the spark that ignites the fire of passionate pursuit that will follow when we stay close to Him.”

Tabitha Deller, Called

Before we dive into the depths of what it means to live a CALLED life, I want to let you in on a little secret about me…I am a total word nerd! It’s true. I love words. I love the sounds they make, the games they play, and the fun they have when perfectly positioned in a poem or in prose. I love rhymes, alliteration, and statements that stick. Yep, I even love grammar and the rules it imposes on words. It’s all fascinating to me, and oftentimes God will show me something in a word picture. In fact, He drew a picture for me with two words often associated with living CALLED lives — SCARED and SACRED, and what that imagery spoke to my heart was pretty profound!

We’ve all been scared before. Scared to take that next step. Scared to make that phone call. Scared to answer that phone call. Scared to venture into the unknown. Scared of uncertainty. Scared of what change would do to us if we said yes to what God wanted to do through us.

But guess what? SCARED becomes SACRED when our eyes stay fixed on Jesus, the author and perfecter of our faith. The places that once had us SCARED create spaces for God to do a SACRED work in us and through us.

I wrote CALLED for the woman needing that shift in perspective — the one SCARED to say yes to God and no to the world because of what it might cost her. Oh, how God is calling us to scary places in order to embrace the grace He has waiting in that sacred space. The most beautiful thing about this book, to me, is that it was such a labor of love, worked out in some scary places of my own life where I learned to walk with Him daily into those places He was calling me to go. Now I can look back, recognize the sacred, and keep moving forward into ALL the places He is calling me to go. My perspective has changed. I have changed. God, by the power of His unchanging Word and unconditional love has changed (and continues to change) both me and my perspective.

Little did I know a picture my husband took on a family trip years ago would become the cover image of CALLED. We road tripped to Prince Edward Island (a dream vacation for the Anne of Green Gables wannabe…Anne and I are kindred spirits merely by our love of wielding words well). On our way to PEI, we stopped to see the Hopewell Rocks on the shores of the Bay of Fundy, one of the Marine Wonders of the World. At low tide, you can walk on the ocean floor in the shadows of the majestic flower-pot rocks, and just hours later, you can kayak beside the trees atop those very same rocks. The tide rises up to 40 feet in a matter of hours every single day.

Similarly, we can experience “spiritual highs,” followed by the lowest of lows, but praise God He leads us out of the darkness and into the light. (1 Peter 2:9) He has CALLED us to do great things for Him, but we can never do those things if we don’t daily trust Him to lead us safely through the ups and downs of life. He turns our SCARED into SACRED. The waves of His love lift us up and give us a new perspective before the darkness of fear and doubt engulf us — and sometimes it seems as though this happens every single day.

Living CALLED changes our perspective. What once had us SCARED, becomes SACRED. What once caused us fear, strengthens our faith. What once seemed daunting, makes us daring. A holy perspective filters out fear and shifts our focus to faith, and faith moves us to freedom!

About Called

Called is not about chasing. It’s about following. It’s not about going. It’s about staying. It’s not about us. It’s about Him. It’s not a “how to.” It’s “who through.” It doesn’t say, “I can do this.” It says, “He’ll get me through this.” It’s not about shining bright. It’s about reflecting His light. It’s not about aiming to please. It’s about pleasing the King. When these six little verbs (need, be, see, know, grow, and sow) take root in our heart, that’s when we are able to start living set apart. They are stepping stones into the places God is calling each of us. Unique paths paved by the same six words. This Bible study is for the woman wanting more but tired of dream chasing and fear facing only to discover she’s still rat racing. King Solomon in Ecclesiastes mentions this chasing after the wind, but in John, King Jesus reminds us that it is all about abiding in Him. Called simplifies our role and magnifies His role in purposeful living.

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About the Author

Tabitha Deller is a wife, mom, teacher, and writer. She resides in Pennsylvania with her husband, Steve, and their four sons, Joshua, Caleb, Nathan, and Isaac. She loves words — written or spoken and is passionate about God’s Word and the life changing truths found in it. She loves reading it, writing about it, and challenging others to do the same. She has authored and taught Bible Studies for large groups, small groups, and online groups. She also loves encouraging ladies of all ages through speaking at events and retreats and has done so for MOPS, single moms, teens, and young girls.

To learn more about Tabitha you can find her at these links:

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  1. Michelle says:

    This sounds like a really good book! I need to read that!

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    1. It’s so good! ❤️ Tabitha is a very gifted writer with her writing style ☺️

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