I’m working on getting the book I wrote published. God laid it on my heart to write out my real life love story about how my wonderful husband and I got together. I tell not only my experience but I also share all the lessons I learned along the way. I hope to help the next girl avoid the heartache of the wrong man while in search of the godly one.

I wrote the book. And then I rewrote it. Then I wrote it again. I hired an editor. (Shout out to Melanie Saxton) She and I worked hard on getting the book in tip top shape. Then I did the part that I’m almost certain no author likes to do and I wrote that twenty-page book proposal. It was harder than actually writing the book itself. FINALLY it was the absolute best I could do and I sent it off to be harshly judged and picked apart.

And so it was. And it was rejected. Rejection. It’s a tough concept. But when I opened the email to learn that my hard work had been declined, I wasn’t upset. I actually felt like somehow, some way, I still made progress. Because the way I see it, anything worth doing is worth moving past a little rejection. Jesus faced tons of rejection. He still does! He gave His LIFE knowing that some people would reject Him. But He did it anyway. So I sent it off to another publisher, and another literary agent. I did it again.

I think anything God lays on your heart to do- a true “God dream” is most likely going to push you into facing some form of rejection and then push you even harder to move past it. Whatever it is you’ve been pouring your heart into, don’t stop at the first sign of resistance. Or even the second sign. In life there is always going to be resistance. But certain things are too important to not try again. And again. And again. And as many times as it takes until you get to where God called you to.

Don’t feel too overwhelmed. Because whatever God calls you to, He’s going to lead, guide, and get you there. He’s going to make a way when there isn’t one. He’s going to bring the right people into your path at the right time. He’s going to give you fresh ideas. He’s going to be faithful. Rejection is just a good way of avoiding the wrong path while in search of the right one.

So I’m going to edit my book proposal, and send it off again. I’m going to pick up the commission God laid on my heart and let Him complete it. I’m going to go up against rejection again. Jesus can still use the rejection in your life. Jesus can still get you where He called you even if man said no. Do it again.

Be Blessed!

Jordan Smith

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  1. Keith Wray says:

    Great encouragement! Love your tenacity…He is faithful!

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  2. I think many would-be writers will benefit from this post

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  3. Pastor D says:

    So proud of you Jordan. All in Gods perfect timing. He knows the future and the perfect timing. ❤️

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  4. Thank you, I needed to hear this today. ❤

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    1. So glad it blessed you.

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  5. Ada Orie says:

    I have refused to finish my book because I am afraid of rejection. Thank you for reminding me that I need to conquer my fears and obey God. I am looking forward to hearing a praise report of your published book. Our voices are needed in this decade.

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    1. Fear of rejection is no match for the promises of God. If He called you to it, He’ll make a way 😊

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