He’s in the Waiting

“…Am I not present everywhere? Whether seen or unseen?”

Jeremiah 23:24(MSG)

When God gives us a promise, we often feel unsatisfied or unfulfilled until we obtain that promise. Or when we’ve heard instruction and direction from God to a specific calling, position, or season we feel like we’re failing until we’ve reached the end goal. But we need to realize –

The same God who is holding your future is in your present. The same God who called you to your destiny is at your disposal in the growing time.

There will always be a waiting season. I can guarantee it because Genesis 8:22(NIV) says,

“As long as the earth endures, seed, time, and harvest…will never cease.”

First, God plants the seed of promise, but before we get to the harvest, there is a “time” piece that we often struggle with. Just like when a farmer plants a seed, the time in between sowing and reaping is vital for a good harvest. That time is when the seed gets the watering, the nutrients, and the provision it requires to produce a plentiful harvest. It’s the same with you- don’t hate your watering season, it’s vital.

The same God who will be with you in the harvest, is with you in the watering. Don’t feel like because it hasn’t happened yet that God walked off and left you.

Don’t think that you failed and He gave up on you. Don’t think that God is only at the finish line. He is in the waiting. If you can learn to identify Him in your waiting season, you will learn to love it. You will remain in peace because your eyes will be fixed on the Master. You will have joy from dwelling in His presence.

If we can realize that God is in the middle, not just the end, we would fall in love with wherever we were because that’s where Abba is.

God is in the waiting. Don’t miss His presence trying to get to His promises.

Don’t miss the growth that comes in the waiting season. Don’t hate the watering. The “middle” is the time when God grooms you and gets you ready for your promise. You’re going to go through this time either way, might as well enjoy the time with God instead of developing resentment for Him because you think He hasn’t come through on His word.

God is faithful to be at the finish line, but He is also a very present help in time of need.

“…Am I not present everywhere? Whether seen or unseen?” Jeremiah 23:24(MSG)

God is with you in the right now. Whether you acknowledge Him or not is up to you.

God is in the waiting. Don’t hate the wait.

Be blessed!

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  1. deb5465 says:

    The “middle.” A difficult place to be but oh the growth!! Hallelujah to HIS NAME🙌🏻

    Liked by 1 person

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